In the Wild

Bouldering in Tonsai

Tonsai is all about sport climbing.  But it has great bouldering too!  However, before getting to Tonsai, I really struggled to find any information on where the best spots were, especially the problems to be tackled.  I’m hoping this post will serve as a useful all-encompassing guide to the main bouldering spots around Tonsai.

The main spot on Tonsai is The Temple.  Follow the wall up from the beach, past Legacy restaurant, and look for the rope leading up into a cave.  There will likely be loads of monkeys milling about too!

Inside you will find a huge array of problems, ranging from V2 to V11.  A lot of these are very powerful climbs, with a lot of cutting loose, but the rock is generally excellent and your skin shouldn’t take too much of a beating.  Someone has left an old mattress here too for your landing (bouldering mats are unavailable from the local climbing shops).  Take insect repellent and plenty of water – it gets hot in there!  As you see below, there are some extraordinary features on some of these problems.


As for the problems, the guys at Basecamp Tonsai have a guide that they will happily give you if you ask.  Basecamp are otherwise excellent for local advice, gear rental, guides and tours.

IMG_4447 copy
Credit: Basecamp Tonsai
IMG_4448 copy
Credit: Basecamp Tonsai

A few of these problems are on the 27 Crags app, but the vast majority are not.  Besides Tonsai, Ko Po Da has some excellent problems right on the beach (as well as several superb spots for Deep Water Solo).  I spent the afternoon there after a morning of DWS and barefoot beach bouldering was a unique but unforgettable experience!


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